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Tools Every Home Cook Needs In 2022

The decision to become a home cook has been made and you are excited! You told everyone on your social media and your family is nervous, but you know you can do it! It can be daunting in the beginning. Where to begin? With so many options out there, what are the right tools to buy? Luckily, as someone …


Air Fried Chicken Wings

Air fryers are the new appliance everyone should have! Sticking Chicken wings in an air fryer gives them a crispy outer skin and a nice juicy inside. I like to have chicken wings in my fridge or freezer all the time. that way, if I don’t want to make something fancy or I don’t know what to make, I’ll just cut them …


The Healthy Choice Is An Air Fryer

These times of uncertainty have many families staying at home for dinner time. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a world where people can’t just go out to a restaurant without worrying about our and our loved ones health. We can just have dinner at home. But for some, it’s not that easy. We look to kitchen appliances in order to …