The Healthy Choice Is An Air Fryer

These times of uncertainty have many families staying at home for dinner time. The Coronavirus pandemic has created a world where people can’t just go out to a restaurant without worrying about our and our loved ones health. We can just have dinner at home. But for some, it’s not that easy. We look to kitchen appliances in order to help us prepare our dinner in hopes that they do as advertised.  

One appliance I stuck my nose up to is the air fryer. In all my years of being a professional and doing things the old-fashioned way a new appliance like an air fryer has no place in my kitchen. Then I was gifted one and everything changed. I took a shot and tried it out. Apparently, it is possible for me to be wrong. Go figure.  

Classic Fryer vs Air Fryer 

To clarify, a classic fryer cooks the food in a pool of hot oil. The result is food that is delicious and has a pleasing mouth feel. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. One achieves the same result with an air fryer, but tons healthier. The secret is the fan. Instead of hot oil directly touching food and cooking the snot out of it (excuse my French) it is hot air, but with the added force of the fan, the hot air hits the food harder causing the crispy outer layer we all know and love. That means there is no added fat in the food, only the fat it comes with. This is game changing.  

There are many types of air fryers to choose from and, given they do what they say, they all should work relatively well. The one I have tested out is the Instant Vortex Air fryer. I found this appliance very easy to use and super versatile. I’ve cooked chicken breast, chicken wings, breaded chicken, brussels sprouts, tater, tots, fries, each time exceeding my expectations. And knowing I’m pretty much just baking my food only faster keeps my conscience happy. Saving time and energy cooking healthy food never tasted so good! I thank the world for giving us air fryers.