Tools Every Home Cook Needs In 2022


The decision to become a home cook has been made and you are excited! You told everyone on your social media and your family is nervous, but you know you can do it! It can be daunting in the beginning. Where to begin? With so many options out there, what are the right tools to buy? Luckily, as someone who has been cooking in a wide variety of different professional kitchens and someone who cooks for his family at home almost every day (a break is nice every now and then) I’m here to steer you in the right direction. I’ll help you weed out all the bad products that get used a few times and bust or they just aren’t as useful as claimed.  

  1. Cutting boards  

A must. Whether you prep and cook every day or want to prep ahead of time, you find yourself reaching for a cutting board quite often. The thicker the better. You should have multiple in varied sizes. I recommend a small bar board, at least 3 medium sized ones and at least 1 big wooden cutting board for those heavy prep days (or when you want to show off). 

  1. Knives – Chef, pairing, bread, steak knives, carving knife 

Believe it or not, sharp knives cause LESS accidents! Have a good grip and the blade will go exactly where you want it to go. Invest in a good set of knives and you’ll be on your way to culinary mastery! 

  1.  Pots and pans 

The pricier the better chance you will only buy then one time. Pots need to have a heavy, thick bottom for even heat distribution. Stainless steel is the way to go! Also, have a few pans with non-stick coating for eggs and other trickier foods. 

  1. Air fryer 

The new appliance everyone is talking about for good reasons! I personally own one and couldn’t be happier! Join me in my happiness and get one of your own! 

  1. Kitchenaid 

Mix, mash, ground- So many uses for this machine! It pays for itself in no time. 

  1. Baking sheets 

For the brownies you want to make after you mix the batter in your Kitchen Aide. 

  1. Plates and Bowls 

If you don’t have some already, get nice flatware that matches the awesome cooking you will be doing! It will elevate the food that much more. You don’t want to put the food you just spent an hour preparing on plastic plates do you?  

  1. Platters 

In the holidays when you find yourself asking, “Where should we put all this food?” Here is your answer. Buy it one time and you won’t have to buy it again. 

  1. Food Processor 

This is good for mincing, pureeing, sauces, and the list goes on! A tool you’ll be glad you have every time you use it. Just be sure you get one worth having.

  1. Roasting pans 

What else are you going to cook that Christmas turkey on? And having assorted sizes to choose from is always a good thing.  

  1. Tupperware  

For prepping ahead and leftovers. Trust me, you want to have leftovers.  

  1. Dutch oven

Hands down, my favorite piece of cookware. Many others have stated the same because it is the truth. It just cooks the food better. It’s some kind of science I’m sure. Also, you cannot help but smile as you remove your dinner from your gorgeous Dutch oven at plating time. 

  1. Cast Iron Skillet 

Gives food a nice sear. It’s better for retaining heat and distributing it evenly. 

  1. Rubber Spatulas 

Because Professionals don’t compromise with a spoon and you shouldn’t either. 

  1. Tongs 

For turning foods and clicking twice in the meantime. 

  1. Ladle

You never really know how much better a ladle is for soups until you actually have the pleasure of doing it yourself.  

17. Colander

Use this to drain pastas and other foods.